Most Outstanding Technician/Operator/Trade
at the Women in Resources Awards 2012
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Natasha is a fourth generation miner with 10 years mine experience. Even so, she has followed an unconventional path to mining maintenance planning.

It was her 12-year military career, rather than the traditional trade background usually associated with maintenance planners, that taught Natasha her exceptional skills in planning, analytics, project management and network administration.

After leaving the military, Natasha chose to follow in her father's, grandfather's and great-grandfather's mining footsteps and apply her planning expertise to mining maintenance.

Natasha credits her company motto, "The Art of Can Do", as the reason for her success. She thrives on the challenge of being flexible, dynamic, and results-focused in the industry she is passionate about.

She especially loves the complexity of her work and the constant problem solving which enables her to contribute to the safety, efficiency and bottom line of her clients.

Since founding NMCann Pty Ltd, Natasha has gone on to win the Most Outstanding Technician/Operator/Trade at the Women in Resources Awards 2012, presented by the Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia.

Natasha was also shortlisted for the HTC Start Up Award 2012, part of the Telstra Business of the Year Award, and nominated for Australian Mining Prospect Awards, Mining's Female of the Year 2012.

Natasha is the only female to start a maintenance planning business in Western Australia.